(and others like him) until the system does its job

A District Court Judge who threatens attorneys for responding to papers served by the U.S. Government, alters the record and refuses to correct his own material misrepresentations in his own decisions while repeatedly violating federal law?

Another party aggrieved by Cogan sums it up nicely(

He falls presently – from greater heights still than Icarus, Phaethon, or even the brightest angel, who plunged as all favorites must. Article III could not have contemplated a more abysmal descent, although Yates predicted it. Indeed, if Judge Cogan had simply applied the laws and rules of the Constitution with the slightest tincture of good faith, I would not be finishing up a 30-page exposition detailing misconduct that would subject any other federal judge to impeachment by the U.S. Congress, if not indictment by the U.S. Department of Justice.”